College Entrance Based On Your EQ

I've heard it said that one of the problems with education is that we only value what we can measure. Or that we end up focusing on what we can measure.

This is especially the case when it comes to college entrance exams. Every year in China, roughly 10 million students take the Gaokao (高考) or the National College Entrance Examination. 

As one article states, "the gaokao is widely considered to be the most important exam, which can make or break a young person’s future."

The aim of these types of standardized exams are to, as much as possible, objectively measure a student's general mental aptitude and intelligence. Akin to measuring IQ.

But as universities and future employers consider new recruits, some question the usefulness of this approach. Some that see the need for students to also demonstrate proficiency in other areas. For example, in a speech given at his alma mater, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma emphasized the importance of not just developing IQ, but for students to also focus on developing their emotional quotient (EQ) and love quotient:

Currently the problem is that there is no easy way to measure someone’s emotional quotient or love quotient. It's easy to test millions of students on things like mathematics. It's difficult to test millions of students on things like integrity or character. Yet with advances in computing and artificial intelligence, I believe we could see a future where we will eventually be able to test for these things. And a future in which colleges (and future employers) will begin to focus far more on things like EQ and not just IQ.