In the Next 150 Years

I was listening to Tom Bilyeu interview Kevin Kelly on the Impact Theory podcast. And also listened to the After Impact episode.

On the episode, I found it really interesting, as a thought exercise to imagine what people 150 years ago would think about our lives today.

Tom Bilyeu puts it like this:

"When you go back 150 years, we are straight sci-fi. Really, really think about that. Cars don't exist, phones don't exist. Even farming would be unrecognizable. Something that people go to, that 95% of people were farmers, and now they're not. But now they're not because they have machines and how they can harvest at scale. Machines that drive themselves with GPS. And the understanding we have even of physics didn't exist. You go back 150 years, we look like an alien civilization wielding magic. Other than that we visually look the same, it would be that jarring for people."

It would have been almost impossible for someone back then (in the 1860s) to imagine what life would be like today (with cars, computers, the internet, etc.). That is amazing to me. And likewise, it is likely the same for us when we think about the future.

It is hard for us to imagine what life will be like (especially in terms of technology) 150 years from now (in the year 2169).