New College Majors Coming in the Future

I was reading this article "52 Future Degrees Colleges Are Not Offering Yet" by futurist Thomas Frey. It is really interesting to think that by the time my kids are ready to pick a college major, maybe it will be a major that doesn't exist yet (especially in the area of STEM).

The article mentions how, because of advances in technology, demand will continue to increase for people with knowledge in areas such as bioengineering, cryptocurrency, augmented reality and quantum computing.

And because of advances in technology, brand new fields, like asteroid mining, have already become a real major students can select in college.

This also begs the question of whether or not more colleges are able to pivot fast enough to offer courses that cutting edge technology will demand in the future. As the often quotes Wayne Gretzky quote, how do we skate to where the puck is going instead of where it has been?